BT Sight Words 1200+ Words

Sight Words are essential to early readers. They make up 50 to 70 percent of words used in any reading and writing text. Sight words must be easily recognized with accuracy and speed in order to achieve reading fluency. Therefore, teaching sight words is a crucial goal of education in grades kindergarten through 3.

BT Sight Words 1200+ has over 1200 sight words, a compilation of Dolch and Edward Fry words. These Sight words are divided into 122 levels, then into groups of 10 words according to difficulty and frequency. BT Sight Words makes reading fun. At each level, students learn sight words seamlessly with the goal of increasing fluency on these high frequency words to the point that parallel processing occurs. 

Good readers decode words so that they are said “instantly”. This reading behavior assures automatic word recognition which is essential for reading fluency and comprehension. BT Sightwords engages students to learn how to read effortlessly while having fun!


  • 220 Dolch Sight Words
  • 1000 Fry Sight Words
  • Word Narration
  • Word Spelling
  • Spelling Proficiency

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